We are a transnational and multidisciplinary research project of the Institute of Comparative Culture at Sophia University in Tokyo. Our purpose is to study the global spread of the Japanese restaurant, based on interview and archival data. Our multicultural team has extensive personal and fieldwork experience in Asia, North America, Europe, and Latin America, the world regions where the vast majority of the world’s Japanese restaurants outside Japan are located. Supported by a team of research assistants from Sophia and other universities, we have been interviewing restaurant owners, chefs, and customers in Japanese restaurants in all of these regions. Our goal is to produce a book on Japanese culinary mobilities. We also plan to introduce our preliminary results on this webpage. We are supported by the Sophia University Research Organization and the Sophia University Institute of Comparative Culture.


James is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Graduate Program in Global Studies at Sophia University. He specializes in urban sociology with publications on sexuality, nightlife, food studies and expatriate communities.


Chuanfei is Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Institute of Comparative Culture at Sophia University. She received her PhD in Global Studies from Sophia University in 2017 and investigates wine culture, wine tourism, and culinary culture in Japan.


David is Professor of Sociology and Global Studies at Sophia University. He specializes in economic sociology, sociology of religion, and food studies in the context of post-Mao Chinese society.


Mônica is a PhD candidate in Global Studies at Sophia University. Her research focuses on economic sociology with an emphasis on institutional building and change.


Chris is Associate Professor of Chinese History and Global History at Sophia University. His research focuses on the history of Dalian as a colonial and post-colonial city.


Lenka is Collaborative Fellow at the Institute of Comparative Culture at Sophia University. She researches migration and international human resources issues, focusing on Japanese expatriates and Japanese corporate investments in Central Europe.


Linda Dück, Germany

Rosa Barbaran, USA

Marika Zulch, USA

Yajun Lisa Hu, Kenya

Hisako Yoshizawa, Germany

Mariya Yoshiyama, Japan

Heena Yang, Korea

Purity Mahugu, Kenya

Anne-Sophie König, Germany

Yingyue Zhang, China

Viviane Chaubet, Canada

Hina Nakamura, Mozambique

Roran Kobayashi, France

Guyeon Kang, Korea

Shayani Jayasinghe, Sri Lanka

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